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How to hire the right …Fence Contractors

First make sure your contractor has online reviews. Next, you will want to get references from clients that have used the contractor recently. Then, you will take the time to call the references, and drive by their job site. It might seem like a lot of work to do just to hire someone to build your fence, but you are making an investment on a project that will surround your home. You should always feel comfortable asking the contractor any questions you want to, and you should get a rapid response. A fence contractor who knows what he is talking about will be ready to answer any questions you have right away.


One mistake I will never make again is …not adding in writing change orders to my contracts

I have a contract that I am in the middle of right now in which I've done several extra projects for the homeowner and did the projects without putting the change orders in writing. I have a total of around $10,000.00 in value of extra work that I've done for this client, and the client is now nearing the end of the project not wanting to pay for the extra work I've done. I didn't put it in writing so it is going to be tough to get paid for the work I have done for this client. I will update you on the status of this fence/remodeling project when it is over. The lesson I would like to share put it on paper if you expect to collect paper. I am a small business and can't afford to lose that much money.

How do you deal with a client that says the fence looks great all the way up until its time to pay for the fence. Fence installers avoid it!

All to often fence companies in Austin, TX deal with clients who tell us that they love their new fence installation all the way up until its time to cut the final check. There are several reasons this happens. Sometime clients get real picky when its time to cut a check. One reason this happens is because fence companies fail to put detailed material lists on the fence contract. All it takes is a small item left out or not mentioned as industry standard for a fence installation. For example fence industry standard is to use two runners on a six foot tall fence, but I've dealt with a client who refused to pay because they thought it should have came with three fence runners because their neighbors fence has three runners. Even though 26 out of 30 of the fences on her block had two runners she refused to pay until she was faced with a lien being placed on her property. It is unfortunate that some fence clients feel that they should get free upgrade on their fence just because they have seen it on a fence in their neighborhood. The best way to avoid an expensive lesson like this is to put everything in the fence contract. I hate to be the fence company owner to have to inform you on this issue , but it is better to know now than to find out the hard way. Be sure to mention the grade and type of the fence pickets, the type and size of the fence posts, and the number of horizontal fence runners or 2x4's. It also is a good idea to put in if you build your fence with screws or nails. feel free to contact me through my e mail address on my fence website


5 things you should know about when purchasing a fence. The tricks of the trade or the tricks that are played are something you should know

Things you should know when buying a fence.

  • The fence company you are thinking about dealing with should have a good online reputation
  • Fence contractors have several ways of cutting corners to save them money and provide you a poor quality fence.
  • Fence installers can work for multiple fence companies by getting current references you are more likely to get the current installers for that company
  • Fence companies should give you a detailed list of the type of fence materials they intend on using on your fence project
  • Fence companies that are members of the B.B.B. are more likely to do a better job for you seeing as how they are accountable to someone who has the power to make their fence company lose business


How to hire the right …Sub contractors. Sub Contractors are a tricky breed. I always get a copy of their I.D. and ask for a reference or two

Sub Contractors in the fence world tend to start off great and then slowly turn to rotten workers all together. They like to get their foot in the door by showing how well they can work. They are happy with the pay, they will fix any mistakes they make without complaining about it, they will get the job done on time, and they will do a great job.
Then it starts happening..... They want more money for the work they do. They complain about anything on the fence they need to fix. They take longer to install the fence. They start cutting corners on the fence project. They don't pay attention to details on the fence installation. If you want to see some pictures of good quality fence installations go to www.woodfenceaustin.com
This happens with 75% of sub contractors for all fence companies. As a fence company owner it is frustrating to say the least. It is so dang common that it is just a matter of time before it starts happening. These fence sub contractors bounce from fence company to fence company. I can't express how angry it makes me with words that are proper for the internet. 
So the question is how do you keep this problem in check. First of all ask them which fence companies they have worked for. If they list off several companies that should raise a red flag. You don't want a sub contractor who has worked for all the other fence companies except for you because that means that they have burned those bridges. 
If you have a fence sub contractor who starts asking for more money that should raise another red flag. That is a sign that their fence work is about to become sloppy.
The sub contractor will start cutting corners if they don't get a pay raise. The fence business is simple, but it can become very complicated when your fence installers become lazy. You need to learn how to recognize when your fence sub contractors are turning sour and make the decision of letting them go or having a firm conversation with your subs.
The fence installers will try to say any and everything to pursued you to bend their way. You must stay firm in not budging in pay, quality, or control of the fence projects.

You must stay on top of the sub contractors from day one. You can quickly find yourself overpaying, paying for repairs that should not be there in the first place, and dealing with poor quality fence construction.

I hope this advice comes in handy for any of you construction company owners who are dealing with the sub contracting nightmare. Feel free to respond with any questions.


What's the best way to Network with local businesses to make money. Networking is just as important as advertising if you do it right ?

Networking with other businesses in your local area is super important. A few things you can do that might seem cheesy, but are effective is carry a stack of your business cards with you at all times. When you are at the home depot or supply store in the morning picking up your projects materials for the day look at the other customers and the type of materials that they are picking up for the day. You will be able to see what kind of business they have, and I'm sure at one point in time one of your clients has asked you if you knew a contractor of that sort. Ask that person for a card, and let them know you've had requests for their type of contractor. At the same time hand them one of your cards and let them know you will keep them in mind for the next time you are asked about that type of work.
Another thing that works well is when you are at a job site and there is another contractor there spend a few minutes with them talking business. Exchange business cards with that contractor.
When you complete a contract and have a happy client hand them a stack of cards and ask them to be referred if they know anyone in need of your service.
Always have a stack of cards with you. Put your cards up everywhere you can.
The more cards you run through the more your phone will ring. Make this a constant practice and you will find you will be making more money with less spending on advertising. The best part about it is a lot of these new clients are repeat business.
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Each fence contractor has their own way of doing things, but their online reputation speaks for itself.  Next you should set up an appointment for the fence contractor to come out to take measurements of your fence project and discuss your options. You should find out about the types, grades, and quality of the fence materials the fence company uses. The next thing you should find out is how they do their building process. Any fence contractor who knows what they are talking about should be able to tell you how they will build your fence from start to finish, and this includes what materials they will be using. You should know who you are contracting to build your fence for you. One good way of finding out about fence contractors is by looking them up online. They should have a great reputation online. That means they should have plenty of 5 star ratings on the review sites.
You should find out what grade of wood is going to be used on your fence.
What to know when buying a fence